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John Bagley: A New Viking

John Bagley: A New Viking

John Bagley, a former NBA player for the Cavaliers, Celtics and Nets, is now the King girls basketball coach. With an incredibly impressive resume, he is more than qualified for the job. He has coached both men and women at many different levels since he retired from the NBA. He was a point guard, which is an extension of the coach. This makes his transition from playing to coaching all the smoother.

Before coming to King, Coach Bagley worked with players on their individual skills. He previously coached boys in Illinois, both at the Junior College level and at the Semi-Pro level. Coach Bagley heard about the opportunity at King, and was immediately intrigued on the idea, stating it would be a “cool opportunity to coach young women.”

Bagley knew a few girls scattered throughout the lower Fairfield County area, and from King knew players Chelsea Byrd and Aliyah Christy before taking the job. Coach Bagley said he “knew they needed a coach and wanted to make sure the girls had a good coach.” Coach Bagley figured he had the time, and was excited about the position, so he decided to give it a try.

The girls basketball players are grateful Coach Bagley made that decision. Their current record is 4-4, with no losses in the conference thus far. Bagley communicated how much the girls have improved since the first day. Both the players and coaches are excited, due to the fact that the largest part of the season is ahead of them.

When asked who their toughest opponent would be, Coach Bagley responded, “We hope to make ourselves their biggest opponent.”

Being a new coach to the FAA, Coach Bagley did not know much about all the other teams, and said that junior captain Ali Weiner has been a huge help in giving the team some background information. When asked about Coach Bagley, sophomore Natalie Wind said he is “a really nice guy, and really funny too. He doesn’t yell too much, just sort of guides us through. I think a lot of people would agree with that.”

Though Coach Bagley wishes there were more girls to support the program, he is happy with the players he has. He said he “hopes this year will encourage girls for next year.”

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